How to use 8bf filters in PixBuilder Studio

The Adobe® Photoshop® 8BF filters support was added in this program version. Only 8bf filters, which works with Adobe® Photoshop® 6 and oldest versions are support.

Firstly you must be sure that 8bf filters support is enabled in PixBuilder Studio. Go to the Main menu -> Options -> Plugins Settings... and check 8BF filters option and then follow steps below.

If you want to use an .8bf filters in PixBuilder Studio you must to place a plugin.dll file in plugins folder from PixBuilder installation directory. As a rule path for plugin.dll is C:\Program Files\PixBuidler Studio\Plugins\

You can find plugin.dll file by several ways. First of all, this file situated in the Adobe® Photoshop® program path. You can install Adobe® Photoshop® find plugin.dll in installation directory and copy it to the PixBuilder Studio path. Also there are several alternate ways to find plugin.dll file.

You can download and install open source project GIMP at and find plugin.dll there or download it from IrfanView web site at After that you make all this steps you can install 8bf filters and manage them using Main menu -> Options -> Plugins Settings.