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WnSoft was founded in 1998. In 1999, we released the first version of PicturesToExe, a program for making photo slideshows. Users quickly flocked to PicturesToExe for its image quality and smooth slide transition effects.

Today WnSoft is the market leader for software for creating professional slideshows and audiovisual shows. PicturesToExe is especially popular in the United Kingdom and France.

The key to our success has been ceaselessly improving and fine-tuning PicturesToExe, which now has all of the features to make both simple slideshows and complicated audiovisual pieces. We have a great deal of experience in digitally processing images. PicturesToExe is recognized today for its unmatched image quality, smooth animation rendering, support for inserting videos alongside photos, and unlimited creative potential.

A large community of fans has formed around PicturesToExe, participating in discussion and testing new versions of the program. We listen to our users’ requests for new functions, thanks to which PicturesToExe is known for its stability and reliability. Numerous major slideshow catalogs online have been created by users in PicturesToExe.

In 2005, we launched a new product: PixBuilder Studio, a professional photo editor with layer support. This program is an excellent complement to PicturesToExe and helps to prepare photos before making a slideshow.

Awards and Accomplishments

WnSoft received the Dobson–Henry Medal from the Royal Photographic Society in the United Kingdom in 2010 for its contribution to the development of audiovisual art.

At the Royal Photographic Society’s international 2010 Audio-Visual Festival, hosted in the United Kingdom, over 70 works from 11 countries were exhibited. Most of them were made with PicturesToExe.

In Belgium, the winner of the 2011 Flanders International Festival (European Championship) was also made in PicturesToExe.

A representative of WnSoft participated in the jury at international audiovisual festivals in the United Kingdom in 2008 and 2010.

Reviews of WnSoft products have appeared in leading photography magazines worldwide: Photography Monthly (UK), Professional Photographer (USA), The Photographer (UK), Réponses Photo (France), and others.


Two books have been published about PicturesToExe in France:

“Diaporama numérique” by Patricia Ondina.

“Réaliser des montages audiovisuels numériques avec PicturesToExe” by Jean-Charles Pizolatto. The book is reprinted in a new edition each year as new versions of PicturesToExe are released.