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PicturesToExe 9

Create professional slideshows in PicturesToExe.
Add photos, video clips and music. Use Keyframe animations and Slide Styles.
Edit audio clips in the Timeline view. Output for PC, Mac, DVD and UltraHD video.

For Enthusiasts and Professional Photographers

PicturesToExe 9 offers you full creative control for your projects. Use the timeline view for perfect synchronization of slides with audio clips on multiple tracks. Powerful keyframe animations with effects. More than 120 templates/styles of animations will help you to easily create your slideshow.

PicturesToExe is available in two editions — Essentials and Deluxe. You can choose the right product for you. Compare editions.


Pan, Zoom, Rotate, 3D

Adjust pan, zoom, rotate, 3D transformations.
Control opacity, blur, unsharp mask, and color effects.

Nested Animation

Create complex parent-child animation of objects.

Images and Video Clips

Mix images and video clips together on the screen.

Timeline View. Multiple audio tracks.

Timeline View

Add and view multiple audio tracks which may be played simultaneously. Synchronize slides with audio clips on the timeline using time points. Link audio clips with slides.

Audio Editor

Envelope tool (keypoint control of sound volume). Edit audio clips: fade in/out, start time, duration, cross-fading.


Add images, video clips, text captions, masks, interactive buttons and more.

Keyframe Animations

Keyframes work like waypoints. Add first keyframe and adjust position and size of an object. Add last keyframe and adjust the final position of an object and its parameters. PicturesToExe will animate the object between these keyframes using pan, zoom, rotate etc.

Color Adjustments

Adjust the brightness, contrast, levels, hue, saturation of an image/video. Apply a sepia effect and other color filters. Support of color profiles.

Image Adjustments

Crop images and videos, add beautiful white frame and drop shadow. Apply dynamic blur effect. Use zoom in a frame. Apply masking effect.

Color Management

Support of Adobe RGB monitors in preview and executable shows.

Executable Shows for PC and Mac

PicturesToExe allows you to create slideshows as executable files for PC and Mac.

The highest picture quality is possible, because PicturesToExe uses original images from the project. Smooth playback of animations synchronized with a monitor refresh rate. Automatic or manual slide advance. Interactive objects with actions. Instant creation of executable files.

Download demo show in EXE file

Slide Styles and Transitions

120+ customizable slide styles and transition effects. Each slide style allows you to easily adjust several parameters of animation. Create new slide styles and transitions and share with other users.

Text Captions

Add text captions with animation. Create text macros from EXIF metadata and apply to all or selected images.

demo-wedding5 Wedding Demo

Publish Options

UltraHD Video

Create HD and 4K video files for playback on PC, Mac and TV.


Create executable slideshows for PC and Mac. Highest quality picture and smooth animations.

Mobile Devices

Create video slideshows for tablets and smartphones. For iOS and Android.

DVD video

Burn DVD video discs from your photo slideshows.


“I have been using this software for well over 10 years. The fact that one can put any number of high resolution images and any music track on the timeline and then press preview and instantly have a perfect look at what you have created is why this software has no equal. Rearrange the photos and or the music and press preview and again, instantly you get a full resolution show. It is so easy to experiment with pictures and sound. I highly recommend this software.”

Jeff Lunt, New Mexico, USA

“I can confidently say that Pictures to Exe is a super tool for editing and displaying your work. I have also judged audio visual championships around the world, from Australia to Ireland – PTE compares most favourably with other competing software programmes in terms of its image, sound and image in transition (animation) presentation.”

Robert Albright, President of The Royal Photographic Society,
United Kingdom

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