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There are two different PicturesToExe products, Deluxe and Essentials, each aimed at a different type of user.

MainPicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Add images, videos and music
Slide list and timeline view
Timing control
Instant preview with full quality
Objects (Layers)PicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Multiple objects on a slide
Text captions
Interactive objects (buttons with actions)
Large panorama support
Image/video editing (crop, border, trim)
Opacity control
Video masks
Dynamic blur
Dynamic unsharp mask
Color filters (brightness, contrast, sepia, etc)
Color management (wide gamut monitors)
Chroma key for video clips
Adjust speed of video clips
AnimationPicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Pan, Zoom, Rotate and 3D
Keyframe animation
Hierarchical animation
Non-linear speed of animation
AudioPicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Multiple audio tracks
Edit audio clips (fade in/out, start time, duration, crossfading)
Link audio clips with slides
Synchronize slides with audio clips
Record voice comments
Envelope tool (keypoint control of sound volume)
Export audio tracks to single MP3 for EXE
Slide Styles and TransitionsPicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Built-in slide styles
Built-in transition effects
Import slide styles
Create new slide styles
Create new transition effects
PublishingPicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Create executable files for PC
Create executable files for Mac
Create DVD discs
Create video files up to 3840 x 2160 (4K), 60p
Create video for tablets and smartphones
Create screen savers for PC
Publish on YouTube
Advanced ToolsPicturesToExe DeluxePicturesToExe Essentials
Manual control of executable slideshow
Templates of projects
Find missing files
Protect slideshow
Change icon for executable slideshow