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AV News (UK)


“The new style adopted by PicturesToExe, as seen in the Preferences window, gives a much ‘cleaner, crisper’ feel to the product.”

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“Overall, we found PicturesToExe Deluxe to have an impressive array of features for creating and sharing your slideshows. We were quite pleased with the performance of both the software and the slideshows we made with it, and we recommend it.”

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Photography Monthly (UK)


“You can make slideshows using Photoshop Elements but dedicated programs such as Pictures2Exe (P2E) are much more versatile and very easy to use.”<…>
One feature of P2E that I find invaluable is the way it packages the whole show into a single executable file which makes distribution to your customers so much easier. You can password protect the file and even give it an expiry date.
This step-by-step article shows how to make a short basic show without music and only uses a fraction of Pictures2Exe’s capabilities.”

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Recording News (UK)


“Almost all the audio-visual presentations at the festival were made using “PicturesToExe” and it has become the system of choice for presentations. <…>
What is “PicturesToExe”?
Basically it is a sophisticated but affordable and easy-to-use program that enables you to make complex audio-visual presentations and then to save them as an “exe” file that can be used on any computer. No longer is special equipment is needed – all you require is a standard PC with a sound card. <…>
Even if you have never thought about Multimedia audiovisual presentations in the past because of all the difficulties, it may well be worth considering now. I have bought a copy for myself and plan to try my hand in 2011.”

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