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“The hardware to create slides shows and project them cost us about £1200 in 1980. Now, we can do the very same thing, better, for a few dollars with PicturesToExe. In fact we can now achieve much more than we ever could using film, and with a greater flexibility too. There are few better ways to view digital images, than on a large screen in a darkened room, or a large modern Computer screen. Others must think so too, because our tutorials video disks for PicturesToExe are our best sellers and have been for some years now. The reason PicturesToExe is so good, is that it appeals to all photographers, from the causal snapper, to the serious amateur and professional. All have a need to present images and there is no better way than with PicturesToExe.

You can stay traditional in your slide shows with still images, add animation and/or use video if you wish. Create a simple soundtrack, or one worthy of the BBC, it’s all possible with PicturesToExe software. Digital Audio Visual via PicturesToExe is a great partner for our general digital photography, giving us a way to use and present the images we shoot. All the serious AV workers we know, use PicturesToExe. Why? Photographers gravitate towards it for the same reason they do with Photoshop, because its the best.”

Barry Beckham, UK/Australia

“I am a stickler, very fussy about the projected quality of the images as well as smoothness of transitions, and zoom and pan effects. For years I used other branded software but was dissatisfied with the unacceptable loss of sharpness and general picture quality, at least from the moderately priced offerings. I can’t remember just how I got onto PTE, but it was a great day when I did. I just make simple slideshows, nothing too fancy, but with the immaculate image quality and suitable sound, I can thrill my audiences, who mostly ask for more shows than I planned to give. The clarity and transparent quality of the images from PTE is just breathtaking. Apart from my own shows, which do not number very many at this stage, I have downloaded a number of other users’ shows, notably those of Jeff Lunt depicting travels through Utah. With his unique choice of music, his shows really do justice to PTE, and on occasions when I have shown them to clubs (with his permission) the audiences are simply stunned. PTE is one-of-a-kind, and Igor is to be congratulated on his programming insight and sheer ability.”

Colin D, Palmerston North, New Zealand

“In der britischen AV-Szene hat PicturesToExe einen hohen Stellenwert. Nicht zuletzt macht die Verleihung der Dobson-Henry-Medaille an Igor Kokarev dies deutlich. In der deutschen AV-Szene ist PicturesToExe weitgehend unbekannt. Viele deutsche AV-Amateure gehören zu den älteren Jahrgängen und sie benutzen heute noch die Werkzeuge, die sie bereits zur Zeit der analogen Diaschau angewendet haben. Diese Werkzeuge sind sehr gut, aber auch sehr teuer. PicturesToExe bietet hier dem preisbewussten AV-Amateur eine Alternative, die hinsichtlich der Darstellungsqualität keinerlei Nachteile zeigt. Hinter einer auf den ersten Blick einfach wirkenden Oberfläche findet der Benutzer mächtige Funktionen, die bei der Programmierung digitaler AV-Produktionen keine Wünsche offen lässt. PicturesToExe ist nicht unbedingt ein Werkzeug, um mit wenigen Klicks eine Show zu erstellen. Wie bei jedem ernst zu nehmenden AV-Werkzeug stellt sich der Erfolg erst nach einer gewissen Einarbeitung ein, dann jedoch mit dem besseren Ergebnis.

In the British AV-scene, PicturesToExe is to be regarded as very significant. In particular, the award of the Dobson-Henry-Medal does show this clearly. In the German AV-scene, PicturesToExe is widely unknown. Many German AV-amateurs belong to the elder generation, and they still use the tools they have been using since the days of the analogue slide show. These tools are very good, but they are very expensive, as well. PicturesToExe offers the price-conscious AV-amateur an alternative which does not show disadvantages regarding the quality of presentation. Behind a user interface that may look simple at first glance, the user will find a rich functionality, which does not leave wishes open when programming a digital AV-production. PicturesToExe is not necessarily to be regarded as a tool for programming slide shows with a few clicks. As with any other serious AV-tool, the success materializes after some training, but then with better results.”

Dr. Jürgen Tappe, München, Camera-Club CC77, Arbeitsgruppe Audiovision

“I have been using PTE for a number of years and could not be happier with it. It lets me combine my love of travel and photography with my computer to produce slide shows with incredible results. The icing on the cake is the PTE Forum that has a large group of users to help out with any questions. And now, with the availability of adding in video to the slide show, the possibilities are enormous. PTE’s quality and capabilities are outstanding.”

Gary, USA

“PicturesToExe is all about displaying your photos and videos at the highest quality possible. The ability to create both Windows and Mac compatible slideshows is fantastic. Multiple import and export options. The font quality is amazing. The transitions and animations are smooth and accurate. Recently I created a simple Windows screen saver of the ocean from a short video captured on my digital camera and someone at work noticed it running on my PC and asked me for a copy. Then a few days later someone else at work noticed it running on his PC and asked him for a copy. PicturesToExe is for hobbyist and professional. The development team listens to feedback and continues to add new features. Highly recommended.”

Tom Mendenhall, Arcata, California, USA

“I have been using this software for well over 10 years. The fact that one can put any number of high resolution images and any music track on the timeline and then press preview and instantly have a perfect look at what you have created is why this software has no equal. Rearrange the photos and or the music and press preview and again, instantly you get a full resolution show. It is so easy to experiment with pictures and sound. I highly recommend this software.”

Jeff Lunt, New Mexico, USA

“As the current United Kingdom Audio Visual National Championship Gold Medal winner and the current Flanders International Festival (European Championship) Gold Medal winner, I can confidently say that Pictures to Exe is a super tool for editing and displaying your work. I have also judged audio visual championships around the world, from Australia to Ireland – PTE compares most favourably with other competing software programmes in terms of its image, sound and image in transition (animation) presentation.”

Robert Albright, Vice-President, The Royal Photographic Society, United Kingdom

“Before I discovered PicturesToExe, I tried several free programs to make slideshows of my travels. Then in search of better quality results on DVD, I actually BOUGHT four other programs, all of which disappointed me. From the moment I started to play with PicturesToExe, I was thrilled! Yes, thrilled – that is not an exaggeration. Three of those four others have not been touched since. The remaining one I have occasionally used for quick shows, and to include video clips. Now that PTE can do that, I have no need whatever for the others. Hearty thanks, very grateful thanks, to the WnSoft team … and the incredibly helpful forum members.”

Ken Travers, Australia

“I tried all the software and slide shows without exception PTE is the only one completely satisfied me. It allowed me to express myself differently in photography, especially by creating montages as well as more sound. I am also organizing galas in my area and in France and all thanks to PTE that allows me to prepare summary pages also launched. Certainly now with the video, the program will rise to the pinnacle. Vive PTE”.

M@rcel, Provence, France

“J’ai découvert Picture ToExe il y a plusieurs années recherchant un programme me permettant de faire du fondu enchaîné avec son. J’ utilise PTE pour présenter mes voyages et mes activités concernant la nature. La possibilité qu’offre PTE est fabuleuse et permet de magnifiques montages que l’on peut présenter sur PC ou TV. Je suis moins amateur de l’introduction de la video. Je dois préciser, que l’assistance d’Igor et de son équipe pour des problèmes rencontrés est rapide et très professionnelle, ce qui est rare actuellement.

I discovered Picture ToExe several years ago seeking a program allowing me to make fade-out and fade-in with pictures with sound. I use PTE to present my trips and my activities concerning nature. The possibility that offer PTE is fabulous and allows splendid presentations which can be see on PC or TV. I am less amateur of the introduction of the video in PTE. I must specify, that the assistance of Igor and his team for encountered problems is fast and very professional, which is currently very rare.”

Pierre-Paul Penen, Luxembourg

“As a user of PicturesToExe since its inception, I’ve watched this fine software evolve to its present position as the leading worldwide choice for audio visual creation where quality of image and flexibility of features are paramount.

PicturesToExe or “PTE” as it is known by users, is a magnificent tool. Whether one wishes to make a simple presentation of their photographs, or create masterpieces for audio visual competitions, PTE serves them equally well. In addition, it offers those who wish to experiment with animation and unique video implementations a platform where one’s imagination is the only real limiting factor.

In my opinion, and based on having used nearly every competing product, PTE simply stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is truly a “nuts and bolts” product which can be used by the complete novice to quickly and easily create a simple and elegant presentation, or can offer the experienced user myriad challenges and opportunities to facilitate their creativity. I congratulate the Wnsoft development team for their creation and for their willingness to listen to their users and quickly and efficiently make suggested changes which continue to make this product the industry leader where price, performance, image quality and flexibility are essential ingredients.”

Lin Evans, Berthoud, Colorado

“Having used PicturesToExe for several years, Its convinced me that its the best software to use within my ‘Photography Club’ which is held within and aimed at Primary/junior school children aged 5 to 11 years here in the United Kingdom. It was paramount in making a decision that we had a program that children could make a simple presentation or one where children could ‘Run Wild’ with imagination, PicturesToExe fits this perfectly and in our opinion no other software comes near to this. Our philosophy that ‘Photography is fun’ allows children of such a young age to go ‘Beyond the Boundries’ when putting sequences/slide shows together when using PictureToexe. But make no mistake, although children under guidence and supervision are able to use this software, its still the only software for professionals alike and as stated in other testimonials ‘can offer the experienced user myriad challenges and opportunities to facilitate their creativity’. We also appreciate the Wnsoft forum, where if we need help, experienced users are only an email away and are always willing to offer advice and where one can always find solutions to any technical query not only with PicturesToExe but virtually any hardware or software from camera’s to computers. PicturesToExe also fits very well within tight school budgets so cost is not a problem. In conclusion, our children can now produce professional sequences/slideshows. using sound/music and animation but in doing so put the ‘Fun’ into photography making photographs come to life by allowing the childrens imagination to be the deciding factor on the finished project. “I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it”.

Ralph Dawson, Thoresby Primary School, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom